October 11, 2017

From Wall Street to Main Street – Annuity Statement Redesign

When customers understand their policy statement, their experience with us is easy and they have peace of mind about their accounts.

The Life & Annuity Statement Redesign project is an important step toward our goal of improving customer experience and achieving 1,000,000 delighted customers by 2020.

Creating an enhanced customer experience translates into policy persistency and, ultimately, greater inclination toward premium increase. Good for them. Good for you. Good for us.


Redesigned annuity statements for our flexible indexed annuities – with and without GLIR – were implemented earlier this summer and, while experiencing a few short-term bumps once released to production, it has been wildly successful overall. Quarterly redesigned annuity statements are currently available on the Customer Portal for all flow products and will be delivered to all annuity policy holders in the annual statement mailing.

A few highlights…

  • Clear differentiation between the GLIR income calculation balance and the annuity’s cash accumulation balance
  • Realistic premium increase recommendations with income
  • Easy-to-understand language and a quick visual summary available in color online


Take a look at the redesigned statement and see these exciting changes for yourself!


Old Design

Modern New Design

Click here for a closer look!


A little more about the Life & Annuity Statement Redesign project

The project relies on the agile development framework, heavily incorporating both buying and selling customer feedback on an ongoing basis. The team has also begun work to redesign IUL statements, with a goal to release by the end of this year, in addition to iterating upon the Annuity statements.