e-App Is For You

Want your business to be processed quicker? Want less hassle, less paper, less stress – all with faster commission access?

Then e-App is for you.

With agents out in the field selling our products faster than ever, don’t get your own business bogged down in a paper trail.

You can easily access e-App from the landing page of the agent portal. Simply log into www.nationallife.com you will see the link to iGo e-App in the left hand navigation.

agentportal screencap

Our electronic application process is streamlined to take less time with quicker results.  Get your business on the books quicker and your commission check in your pocket.

Products currently available on e-App include:

Life Products
SecurePlus Provider
LSW Term

Annuity Products
LSW SecurePlus Paramount 5
LSW SecurePlus Paramount 5 457(b)
LSW SecurePlus Elite 5
LSW SecurePlus Elite 5 457(b)
LSW SecurePlus Elite 403(b)
LSW SecurePlus Elite 457(b)
LSW SecurePlus Platinum
LSW SecurePlus Platinum 457(b)
LSW SecurePlus Gold
LSW SecurePlus Gold 457(b)

Watch future Pulse articles for more on the benefits of e-App.