September 15, 2022

Back-to-School: 5 Tips for Kicking Off the School Year with LifeChanger of the Year

Nominations for the 2022-23 school year are open.

You have the opportunity to shape their year and help foster an environment of recognition in their schools and greater community with the LifeChanger of the Year program.

Many schools lack formal recognition programs. Establish LifeChanger in these schools and districts to help administrators understand the value of recognition and what it can do for culture and pride in their schools.

Here are some ideas to use this year:

  1. Use one of our pre-approved PowerPoint presentations at a district meeting and ask which schools/principals you can visit and work with to recognize staff. Make sure to mention the district referral when visiting the school and principal.
  2. Chat with principal contacts and ask if you can make a presentation at their next faculty meeting.
  3. Take charge and nominate a client or potential client. Don’t forget to share the news with the principal and district so they can help spread the word in their community. Using these resources, schools can increase their chances of having their nominee selected.
  4. The district’s communications officer is a great resource. Ask them how you can partner to recognize their district’s top performers while helping to gain national PR for the district.
  5. Remember, even if the district or school currently has a recognition program there are still opportunities. Consider nominating their already recognized staff for LCOY. Not only will they get local recognition through their existing program, they will now be in the running for a national prize!