Annuity Suitability – Help us help you

The Compliance team would like to partner with you to help create a smoother suitability ride.

The suitability process was created based on the National Association of Insurance Commissioners (NAIC) Suitability in Annuity Transaction Regulation.   Its purpose requires insurers to establish a system to determine whether the reasons behind a sale recommendation are reasonable based on an applicant’s individual needs, financial objectives, and life circumstances.

Is the Navigating a Smooth Ride brochure helpful and easy to follow?  Are there other tools we could collaborate on that would be beneficial to help make it easy to do business with us?

Recently, the most common items we’re reaching out for are:

  • Understanding how the proposed Product meets the needs/objectives of the applicant (snap shot of the Objectives section of the Suitability Form 10068 is below).  Multiple selections are permitted

  • For Replacement transactions, submit a recent copy of a policy statement for the policy being replaced. This will generally answer most of our questions without having to reach out for additional information.
  • Due to recently reduced rates, when replacing a contract (either internal or external) that has a 3% or greater guaranteed rate please help us understand the benefits to the client. Submitting an illustration is a great option.

We appreciate any feedback you may have.  Please contact us at or by calling Linda Blouin 802-229-7022 or Stephen Wiggins 214-638-9007 by August 30th.