Training Video: Increasing Initial Annuity Premiums

Increase initial annuity premiums by 15-25% in just 25 seconds!

Often, when you sit down with a client to discuss their flow contributions to an annuity policy, the client will come to the table with an amount they are comfortable saving.  In almost every instance the amount they tell you is the amount they expect to be deducted from their paycheck. Use the flyer below to show them the difference between the pre-tax and take-home amounts, and ask them if they would be happy saving more before tax, so that their take home is reduced by the amount they wanted to save. This simple process can increase the initial premium of your flow policies by 15-25% based on your client’s tax bracket.  By using the power of tax-deferral, you can help your clients save more for retirement and pay less in taxes!

Use this flyer to help clients save more for retirement.


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