Time Saving e-App Enhancements

Using e-App is about to become even easier! You asked and we listened. We have two updates to share.

Due to your feedback, we have decreased the amount of occupation titles to choose from and re-arranged how we are asking the question for a quicker and easier experience.

1. You will now see a drop-down field labeled ‘Occupation Group’ where you will select the area in which the Primary/Other Insured works. Once that is selected, you will get a drop-down field labeled ‘Occupation Type’ where you will choose the Primary/Other Insured’s occupation title.

2. Next week the screens for entering annuitant information will be combined and shortened.

This means you will be able to complete your e-applications even faster and you will still have the benefit of completing all necessary information to prevent NIGOs. This is the first phase of several enhancements that will streamline e-App for annuity.

We are excited to deliver these changes and hope you will see time-savings, as well as an easier experience. Stay tuned into The Pulse for further e-App updates and enhancements through the rest of 2015.