Term/FlexLife II Combo Sales Just Got EZ!

Effective Monday, March 12th combination sales of Term and FlexLife II became
eligible for EZ underwriting. NLG made this change to improve the agent and
customer experience by using consistent underwriting requirements for both
applied for policies. Additionally, only one application is necessary for the joint

If your client qualifies for EZ underwriting, the underwriter will waive the exam
and labs on the term provided the cases fall within the following parameters:
– Applicant age 18-60
– Maximum Term coverage $500,000
– Total combination sale amount not to exceed $1,000,000
– Proposed insured will not exceed NLG’s current lifetime non-med limits of

If your client does not qualify for EZ underwriting due to Risk Classifier score
and/or other factors, additional requirements (which may include exam and labs)
will be requested by the Home Office.

To ensure your combination sale is set up properly by New Business and receives
EZ underwriting consideration, please follow these steps:
– Check “no fluid” on the FlexLife II application agent’s report
– Indicate on agent’s report that additional Term coverage is desired and the
face amount
– Attach copies of both product illustrations

Like our original program, if NLG determines the proposed insured is EZ eligible,
the client cannot opt out of EZ in favor of medical underwriting. And when an EZ
underwriting decision is rendered that decision applies to both the term and FlexLife
II applications.

We hope you find these changes beneficial for processing your NLG combination
sales and we sincerely thank you for your business!