Updated Compliance Review Request Form…and More!

And, there’s an Updated Compliance Review Request Form!

Did you know there is always someone watching your marketing and advertising? State regulators are watching you.  Competing agents are watching you.  Ex-clients are watching you.  When it comes to your advertising and training, are you confident that it won’t get you in trouble?  Who you gonna call?  National Life’s Ad Review Unit (ARU)!

The ARU is here to help with your advertising and training, so you can grow your business without fear.  As you probably know, much of what you use for advertising or training is required to be reviewed before it is used.  This communication will help you if you are unsure of what needs to be reviewed, and how to get it reviewed.

Also – you have spoken and we have listened, we’ve updated our submission form based on your feedback.

Compliance Review Request Form


What Requires Advertising Compliance Approval?

Examples of advertising/training materials include:

  • Website postings, web pages, web directory listings
  • Social media with business content
  • Marketing Emails
  • Printed or published materials
  • Letters
  • Brochures
  • Newspaper advertisements
  • Training or prospecting presentations


To submit materials for compliance review, please complete the Compliance Review Request Form (note that there are two pages) and submit it, along with the materials for review, to AdReview@nationallife.com.

Career and NLFC agents, please work with your agency to submit materials since they need to keep track of your advertising.

Once received, one of our reviewers will look at the material, and contact you with any questions, or changes necessary.  If changes are necessary, we’ll ask you to send us a final copy before we give you an approval to begin using the material.

For more information on the advertising review process, please refer to National Life Group’s Compliance Manual located on the NLG website under NLGroup Compliance.

For specific questions regarding what needs to be submitted, you can email adreview@nationallife.com, or call our main number at (802) 229-3129 and we’ll put you in touch with a reviewer.

Thank you for your business!


*Note to ESI registered representatives – there are some exceptions for correspondence and previously approved templates.  Please refer to ESI’s Written Supervisory Procedures, or Field Notice 2014-12.

Keep your email address current with state insurance departments!

Many state insurance departments require email communications. Please ensure states have current email address contact information. SBS states provide online updating of email address on their website.

State Based Systems

New Mexico has now joined SBS.  Click here to learn more about New Mexico Office of Superintendent of Insurance going live with SBS.

Telemarketing calls are prohibited on Monday, July 24 for Pioneer Day.  Please contact Kathy Ruel at 888.297.3990 ext. 3158 if you have any questions.



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