You Can Run Your Own Inforce Illustrations

If you’re in need of an inforce illustration for the following scenarios:

  • As-Is
  • Name Payment, or
  • Premium to Maturity

 You’ve got the ability to run them yourself.

Recent illustration enhancements have been made to help you save time and have more inforce life policy illustrations at your fingertips.

 Want to learn more?

View this new training module to learn how easy it is to run these inforce illustrations.

The training module shows how to run these illustrations for Universal Life, Equity Index Universal Life, Variable Life and LifeBuilder.

With these new enhancements, we ask that you now run all As-Is illustrations in your office.  This will allow the Home Office to focus on more complicated inforce illustrations.

Click here to view the PDF which will assist you in navigating the Agent Portal to generate illustrations.  Should you run into any more complex illustration needs, we are here to help at     



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