Services for Quicker Premium Payments

We have four ways to help you get those initial premiums submitted faster. Utilize this special service for initial premium payments for quarterly, semi-annual and annual premium modes on newly issued cases.

1.   Call in initial payment (Life and Annuity)


• Applies to newly issued life insurance policies
• Only available for initial premiums
• Applies to individual policy owners and individual depositor
• Calls will only be accepted until 4:45 pm ET and are recorded. Payments received after 4:00 pm ET
will be posted the following business day.
• This service does not allow for the establishment of an EFT account.

• Policy owner and depositor (if different) must be on the call together to authorize the premium draft.
• Call the Service Call Center at 1-800-906-3310
• Provide Required Information:
• Policy Number
• Initial Premium amount
• Bank routing number
• Checking or savings account number

2.   Wire Instructions (Life and Annuity)

• JPMorgan Chase
• ABA No: 021000021
• Acct. Name: National Life
• Acct. Nos. Life Business use Acct. No. 323115888, Annuity Business use Acct. No. 08805011770
• Reference policy number and/or proposed insured’s name

3.   Submit a Completed Copy of a Check
for the Initial Premium (Life only)

• Send a copy of a check via e-mail to the PremAccounting& mailbox with a request to process the payment via the copy of the check.
• Banking information from the copy of the check will be utilized to draft the initial premium due from the checking account; the account will be debited within 48 hours.
• We do not want the live check submitted; this will result in double payment.
• Money Orders
• Cashier’s Checks
• Amounts exceeding $999,999 (please send ACH or Wire)
• Subsequent premium payments An email will be sent to the agent advising that the payment was received and processed.

4.   Submit an Initial Premium via Lock Box (Annuity only)

• For all business except California group business, please submit the initial premium check along
with the premium notice to:
National Life
PO Box 121109, Dept 1109
Dallas, TX 75312-1109

• For California group business, please submit the initial premium check along with the premium
notice to:
National Life
Dept LA 21527
Pasadena, CA 91185


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