Services For Quicker Premium Payments


We have four ways to help you get those initial premiums submitted faster. Utilize this special service for initial premium payments for quarterly, semi-annual and annual premium modes on newly issued cases.

1. Call in initial payment (Life and Annuity)


For newly issued cases, utilize this service for initial premium payments.

  • Applies to newly issued policies.
  • Only available for initial premiums for quarterly, semi-annual and annual premium modes.
  • Available for monthly Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) mode if client did not elect to draft the initial premium.
  • Applies to individual policy owners and individual depositor.
  • Calls will only be accepted until 4:45 pm ET and are recorded. Payments received after 4:00 pm ET will be posted the following business day.
  • This service does not allow for the establishment of an EFT account.

Policy owner and depositor (if different) must be on the call together to authorize the premium draft.
Call the Contact Center at 1-800-732-8939
Provide Required Information:

Policy Number
Initial Premium amount
Bank routing number
Checking or savings account number

2.  Wire Instructions (Life and Annuity)

  • JPMorgan Chase
  • NY NY
  • ABA No: 021000021
  • Acct. Name: National Life
  • Acct. Nos. Life Business use Acct. No. 323115888, Annuity Business use Acct. No. 08805011770

Reference policy number and/or proposed insured’s name

3.  Submit a Completed Copy of a Check
for the Initial Premium (Life only)

  • Send a copy of a check via e-mail to the PremAccounting& mailbox with a request to process the payment via the copy of the check.
  • Banking information from the copy of the check will be utilized to draft the initial premium due from the checking account; the account will be debited within 48 hours.
  • We do not want the live check submitted; this will result in double payment.

    • Money Orders
    • Cashier’s Checks
    • Amounts exceeding $999,999 (please send ACH or Wire)
    • Subsequent premium payments An email will be sent to the agent advising that the payment was received and processed.

4.  Submit an Initial Premium via Lock Box (Annuity only)

For all business except California group business, please submit the initial premium check along with the premium notice to:
National Life
PO Box 121109, Dept 1109
Dallas, TX 75312-1109

For California group business, please submit the initial premium check along with the premium notice to:

National Life
Dept LA 21527
Pasadena, CA 91185

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