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Important information on Updates to iGo e-App and 2017 Holiday Reminders for Telemarketers.

iGo e-App is getting a facelift

You are about to notice some great visual changes to the iGo e-App system for Life Applications.

The system is just as easy to use as it has been.  This is truly a cosmetic change, but you will breeze through the questions the same way you have in the past.

For All Users:

There are 3 new base screens that will appear updated: Welcome Screen, My Cases and Case Information.

A new Welcome Screen will appear for all users.


From there you can Start New Case or View My Cases.  If you Start New Case, you will see an updated screen for Case Information.


All users will also see an updated screen if selecting View My Cases.


You will be directed to the new version of Case Information.  The flow of information will remain the same, but there are a couple of superficial changes:


  1. No more ‘NEXT’ and ‘BACK’ buttons at the top of the screen
  2. Message colors displayed as follows
  • Orange = Warning
  • Red = Danger
  • Blue = Informational
  • Green = Success
  1. Attachments button is no longer to the right of the screen; now included in the dropdown at the stop of screen named ‘Case Actions’
  • A reminder that IE9 is no longer supported.

This conversion is another way we are trying to make it easier to do business with National Life Group.

If you have any questions, please contact the Sales Desk at 800-906-3310 Option 1 for assistance.  We appreciate your business and the positive impact you have on our clients.

Holiday Reminders for Telemarketers

Friday, April 14                    Good Friday                                                     Louisiana

Monday, April 24             Confederate Memorial Day                    Alabama, Mississippi

Please contact Kathy Ruel at 888.297.3990, ext. 3158, if you have any questions.