Best of all, it’s GUARANTEED!

Consider this.

Your client, Rita, is 58 years old.  You have identified a $1,000/month income gap in her retirement plan when Rita retires in five years.  What can Rita do today so that she can produce an additional $1,000 of income starting in five years?

Rita could do it herself.

Rita would have to deposit $258,782 in a savings vehicle today that guaranteed her 3% growth for five years.  In five years Rita’s savings will have grown to $300,000 and Rita could take a $1,000/month distribution and hope she does not run out of money before she dies.

There IS a better solution!


Rita could use FIT Guaranteed Income single premium deferred annuity (SPDA) with the Guaranteed Lifetime Income Rider (GLIR).

Rita would only have to deposit $181,332 in a FIT Guaranteed Income fixed indexed annuity with GLIR, to get the same $1,000 a month, plus it is guaranteed for life!

Using FIT Guaranteed Income with GLIR, Rita has met her need for $1,000 a month income with $77,450 less initial deposit.  How?

  • 14% immediate onetime bonus kick starts the Benefit Calculation Base with the Bonus Guaranteed Lifetime Income Rider (required)
  • 7% Simple Rollup Rate until the earlier of the election of lifetime income or the 20th policy anniversary

Best of all, it’s GUARANTEED!


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FIT Guaranteed Income Client Profile

Focus: Income
Values: Cautiously optimistic – Prefers the known versus the unknown but is looking for more upside interest potential.
Appetite: Wants a known income formula.
Income Horizon: Bonus GLIR – Plans to activate in 2-10 years
Key Benefits: Immediate bonus on the income value and a higher guaranteed roll-up rate on income
How Illustrated: GLIR calculator


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All calculations are on a pretax basis.
Guarantees subject to the claims-paying ability of the issuing company.
Income can be elected after the first policy year and attainment of age 55.