Pre-order the 2018 Prospectus Book or 2018 Prospectus CD

Great e-news!  The 2018 Prospectus Books or 2018 Prospectus CD’s are available to pre-order thru Merrill.


The order numbers are listed below…


Investor Select Cat no. 64161

Sentinel Advantage Cat no. 46908

SAVA5 Cat no. 64521

VariTrak Cat no. 46910



VariTrak Cat no. 50046

Investor Select RR Cat no. 51018

Investor Select Cat no. 51017

Sentinel Advantage RR Cat no. 51016

Sentinel Advantage Cat no. 49687

SAVA5 RR Cat no. 64523

SAVA 5 Cat no. 64522


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Variable products are issued by National Life and distributed by Equity Services, Inc., Member FINRA/SIPC, Registered Broker/Dealer Affiliate of National Life Insurance Company. Variable products can be offered solely by representatives registered to offer such products through a broker/dealer by way of prospectus.