Out with the Old, In with the New- IUL Statement Redesign

Introducing the new IUL Statements below!

Starting Friday, February 16…redesigned IUL Statements will be sent to your customers!


The new design provides simple, yet detailed information related to the product they purchased.


See these exciting changes for yourself!


Old Design

General Statement – Modern New Design

Click here for a closer look!

Special Note: First anniversary crediting information on page 2, and second anniversary and beyond crediting information on page 3.  Now your clients can see how their interest crediting has effected their policy over the years!

A few highlights…

  • High-level policy value and living benefit information is front and center
  • Clear and concise information related to the interest accounts and credited interest earned
  • Easy-to-understand breakdown of policy values and account details during the statement period
  • Loan details provided in an understandable way
  • Details all additional paid riders on the policy
  • For policies with a 1 year index segment, your clients will be able to look back at the performance from the last 2 years
  • For policies with a 5 year index segment, there will be future allocations
  • Notice of next credit date given with directions on how to access the information
  • Redesigned Account Credit Report provided at the first date of interest crediting to the Policy between policy anniversaries.


More on the Life & Annuity Statement Redesign Project

The Life & Annuity Statement Redesign Project is an important step toward our goal of improving customer experience and achieving 1,000,000 delighted customers by 2020.  We continue to work with the Customer Portal and Customer Experience project teams to ensure that consistent communication and information is provided to our buying and selling customers.

Creating an enhanced customer experience translates into policy persistency and, ultimately, greater inclination toward premium increase. Good for them. Good for you. Good for us.