Our e-App Family Has Expanded

NL Term is available on e-App, effective August 1.

Go to iGo e-App on the agent portal and submit your NL Term business. It’s the best decision you can make.  Enjoy easier submissions, quicker commissions and faster processing, all while eliminating the need for paper.

With the hundreds of applications being submitted every day, use this opportunity to get your business on the books quicker by using e-App.

Log into the agent portal.

Go to the iGo e-App link in the left hand navigation, fill out the application in its entirety and submit.

Products available on e-App include:

Life Products
SecurePlus Provider
LSW Term
NL Term – NEW

Annuity Products
LSW SecurePlus Paramount 5
LSW SecurePlus Paramount 5 457(b)
LSW SecurePlus Elite 5
LSW SecurePlus Elite 5 457(b)
LSW SecurePlus Elite 403(b)
LSW SecurePlus Elite 457(b)
LSW SecurePlus Platinum
LSW SecurePlus Platinum 457(b)
LSW SecurePlus Gold
LSW SecurePlus Gold 457(b)