New Tax Rate Roulette Calculator

Do your clients fully understand the impact of changing tax rates in place with the 2017 Tax Act? How will their retirement savings decisions be changed by potentially increasing or decreasing rates?

Help your clients understand the impact that changing tax rates will have on their savings with a new tool from Advanced Markets. The Tax Rate Roulette Calculator is an educational tool that compares three tax-rate scenarios:

  • Corporate Dividends
  • Bonus Distributions
  • Qualified Plans with Recovered Tax Savings

After plugging in some basic information on your client’s current tax bracket, the tax rate roulette calculator provides estimated retirement tax outcomes.

Check Out the New Tool Here

You can also access the new tool on the Advanced Markets Digital Experience under “What’s New”.

For a tutorial on how to use this new tool, contact the
Advanced Markets team at 1 (800) 906-3310 option 1.