New Business – Tips to Process Your Business Faster

We want you to meet your year-end production goals.  Here are some tips from New Business and Underwriting to ensure your life and annuity new business is processed as quickly as possible.

Utilize e-App & web based illustrations

  • This ensures all of the proper paperwork is completed. With recent enhancements this year with our life and annuity e-App, this process has become even easier.

Draft the initial premium for Life and use PAC form for annuity

  • If the client wants to utilize the monthly EFT process for payments, this will bind life coverage upon issuance and using the PAC process means straight through processing for annuities.

Complete all paperwork prior to submitting to New Business

  • This includes fully completed transfer paperwork.

Provide proper owner and beneficiary information

  • This is especially important if the case is business owned, is a trust or is a 457.  This ensures we are able to keep our promises!

Complete all aspects of the application

  • This is especially important if you are still submitting paper.  The more information you provide, the less we have to clarify.  And, less delays in the process.


Prepare your client for the underwriting process

Utilize our Field Underwriting Guide

  • Know what’s best and prepare your client.

Schedule exams and labs as early as possible

  • Once scheduled, exams can take approximately 11 days to complete; labs can take 24 hours (unless reflexive tests are required).

Provide good field underwriting

  • Know what medical histories will require a full blood and urine exam (diabetes/morbid obesity).  This will help to expedite the process.

Third party financials and financial questionnaires

  • Third party financials and financial questionnaires are required for cases of $5 million and above.

Remember the 4 Ws when a question is answered “Yes”

  • What, When, Where & Why.  The more details an underwriter has about situations the sooner they can turn the case around for you.

Utilize underwriting questionnaires

Utilize Cover Letters

  • Cover letters are extremely powerful when needing to provide additional insight about your client or the concept used for the sale.

Utilize our Quick Quote Process

  • If you have a case where you are uncertain how to price the client, use our quick quote process.  Responses will be provided within 24 hours.

Submit the application in good order

  • This cuts the cycle time in half (the time from application submission through policy mailing).
  • Use e-App for quicker processing and faster commissions.

If you have any questions around this process, remember we are here for you.  We want to ensure your experience with National Life Group is the best experience you can possibly get.