Life Product Lineup Simplification

As we continue to work toward a simplified product portfolio, effective January 31, 2018 National Life Group companies will discontinue the sales of four life insurance products.

The products are:

  1. ValuGuard Survivorship Whole Life
  2. NL Estate Provider Survivorship Universal Life
  3. Investor Select Variable Universal Life
  4. Horizon Universal Life


We have not made this decision lightly.

During our review, it was evident that there is little interest in these products and we sell very few of them. Continuing to make these products available, with minimal sales, adds clutter to our illustration and marketing efforts, taking away focus from the rest of the portfolio.

Applications for any of the four discontinued products taken on or before January 31, 2018 and submitted to the home office on or before February 16, 2018 will be issued on the products applied for.


Any application for these products not meeting these deadlines will be redirected to a different product as follows:

For more information on our recommended alternative products click here.


Any cases stored in ICS for any of these products will be irretrievably lost if they are not saved under a different, unaffected product prior to February 1.

Note that any of these products already in force are not in any way impacted by this decision.


The Sales Desk is available to help answer any questions you have or assist you with case design.

Contact the Sales Desk at 800-906-3310, Option 1.