Leverage Income to the Next Level: FIT Income Plus

“Give me a lever long enough . . . and I will move the world” – Archimedes

National Life gives the policy owner the lever they need, not to move the world but to move themselves toward a Financially Independent Tomorrow with the new FIT Income Plus SPDA with the Leveraged Guaranteed Lifetime Income Rider (GLIR).

The Leveraged GLIR uses the power of leveraging by taking the indexed strategy interest credited to the accumulation value, and increasing it by 225% to add to the Benefit Calculation Base for the GLIR.

How does the leveraging work?

  • Hypothetically $8,000 indexed interest is credited to the policy
  • Leveraging Calculation: 8,000 X 225% = 18,000 Rollup applied to the Benefit Calculation Base

The FIT Income Plus provides the perfect solution for prospects who have an optimistic outlook on the market yet do not want to put their money at risk of market loss. You can show long term savers the strength of the leveraging and safety of the policy by using the illustration system link on your National Life agent portal.

Attend the upcoming WebEx to learn more about this new innovative option in lifetime income.

October 23, 2:30 p.m.

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And now get your FIT SPDA business on the books with iGo e-App!


Working on a case today?

Contact the National Sales Desk at 1-800-906-3310 to see how the FIT Income Plus could work for the prospect.

The FIT products are pending approval in CA, CT, DE, NJ and OR.

With the introduction of these new products, we have immediately withdrawn SecurePlus Accumulator Prime/Pro, SecurePlus Accumulator Choice and SecurePlus Income Prime/Pro in all states except CA. Apps on withdrawn products will be accepted from CA only.


Guarantees subject to the claims paying ability of the issuing company. Income can be elected after the first policy year and attainment of age 55.