Introducing Our New Term Series

Experience the Three C’s of TERM:

Competitive. Convertible. Convenient.


We have re-designed our Term Portfolio to better position ourselves in the Term marketplace by improving our pricing as much as 30% in some cases.

National Life Group is the ONLY Term Carrier with four Accelerated Benefits Riders (ABRs), having the most Critical triggers in the industry.

Dying Too Soon – Death benefit available
Living Too Long – Conversion to permanent coverage with access to cash value for future income needs
Becoming Ill – All of our ABRs available on our Term product




We stick out in the sea of sameness with our conversion privileges allowing your customers to convert to any one of our permanent products with very strong conversion schedules.

Conversion schedules:
Term 10-G, convertible for the full 10 years
Term 15-G, convertible for the first 12 years
Term 20-G, convertible for the first 15 years
Term 30-G, convertible for the first 20 years



Now adding our EZ Underwriting program to our Term Portfolio…

•Potential to accelerate cases through underwriting without an exam or fluids, if certain criteria are met
•Up to $1M in coverage offered with all rate classes available including Elite

*The new Term Series is approved in all states EXCEPT New York.
**Express Rate Classes only up to $250,000

Click below to view our EZ Underwriting video:


Additional Riders:

ABRs including Critical Illness and Injury
Children’s Term
Waiver of Premium
*The new Waiver of Premium riders are approved in all states except for NY and CA

Available on both LSW and NL Writing Paper…
Term 10-G
Term 15-G
Term 20-G
Term 30-G




Getting Prepared to Sell:



We are offering webinar trainings starting July 9th so that you
are fully prepared to sell the Three C’s of Term.



Term Illustration
Training available HERE!:


More exciting news!

We have re-designed our Term statements!


Some of the new Term statement feature include:

  • NEW “call to action” for clients wanting to convert to a permanent product
  • NEW “call to action” for information on beneficiaries
  • NEW comparison between Term and Permanent insurance
  • Highlight of our Accelerated Benefit Riders in the “Peace of Mind” section


View a Sample of the New Term Statement

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Got Questions?

Contact National Life Group Sales Desk
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