FIT SPDAs and PeakLife on iGo e-App Effective 9/23

The next few months are the busiest of the year and we know you want to work smarter, not harder. That’s why we continue to add products to iGo e-App.

Get your FIT SPDA and PeakLife IUL business on the books with iGo e-App!


With the hundreds of applications submitted every day, use this opportunity to get your business on the books using iGo e-App – and enjoy easier submissions, quicker commissions and faster processing in more situations.


Products currently available on e-App include:

Annuity Products 

SecurePlus Accumulator Choice (CA only)
SecurePlus Accumulator Prime (CA only)
SecurePlus Accumulator Pro (CA only)
SecurePlus Elite 5
NEW!  FIT Foundation*
NEW!  FIT Guaranteed Income*
NEW!  FIT Income Plus*
SecurePlus Gold
SecurePlus Marquee 8
SecurePlus Paramount 5
SecurePlus Platinum
SecurePlus Preferred 6
SecurePlus Reliance

Life Products

FlexLife (NY and MT only)
FlexLife II
NL FlexLife II
NL Term
NEW!  PeakLife
NEW!  PeakLife NL

SecurePlus Provider

*FIT SPDAs are not yet available on e-App for CA, CT, DE, NJ and OR.

Go to iGo e-App on the agent portal and submit your business.

WebillusCaptureLog into the agent portal

Go to the iGo e-App link in the left hand navigation.

Fill out the application in its entirety and submit.