EZ Underwriting FAQs

Even though we’re more than a year into EZ Underwriting, there are still a lot of questions surrounding the Risk Classifier. Here are some of the most frequently asked questions regarding the EZ Underwriting program and the Risk Classifier score…


Q: What is a Risk Classifier Score?
A: The Risk Classifier is a score derived from public records, driving records, court records and property records.

Q:When and how is the Risk Classifier score used by underwriters?
A: Underwriters use the Risk Classifier for any client that is eligible for EZ Underwriting (age/plan/amount specific). High scores are part of the Elite,Preferred and Select criteria, while clients with extremely low Risk Classifier scores may not be eligible for coverage.

Q: Does EZ Underwriting mean simplified or guarantee issue?
A: No. Plans, ages and amounts that are eligible for EZ Underwriting are still fully underwritten.

Q: If a Risk Classifier is generated for EZ Underwriting does this mean my client won’t be required to have a paramed exam and labs?
A: No. In addition to the Risk Classifier score, there are other factors and medical conditions that may trigger a request for exam, labs and/or an EKG from the Home Office. Underwriters reserve the right to order any requirement necessary to properly assess the risk.

Q: As an agent, should I just go ahead and order paramed exam & labs for my client even if the case is EZ Underwriting eligible?
A: No. If the client’s age, amount applied for and plan are eligible for EZ Underwriting do not order medicals until you are specifically instructed by the Home Office to do so. Receiving medicals when they are not required can delay
the case and may result in an adverse impact on our product pricing.