e-App: Good For You, Good For The Environment

Don’t get bogged down in paper. Get your business on the books and your commission faster, all while saving our environment.

Use e-App!

If you’re not convinced, consider:

  • e-App results in quicker processing
  • e-App results in streamlined submissions
  • e-App results in less paper, less cost, less time

e-App is the way to go, all while saving a tree.

You can easily access e-App from the landing page of the agent portal. Simply log into www.nationallife.com you will see the link to iGo e-App in the left hand navigation.


Products currently available on e-App include:

Life Products



SecurePlus Provider

LSW Term

Annuity Products

LSW SecurePlus Paramount 5

LSW SecurePlus Paramount 5 457(b)

LSW SecurePlus Elite 5

LSW SecurePlus Elite 5 457(b)

LSW SecurePlus Elite 403(b)

LSW SecurePlus Elite 457(b)

LSW SecurePlus Platinum

LSW SecurePlus Platinum 457(b)

LSW SecurePlus Gold

LSW SecurePlus Gold 457(b)