e-App: Easier Submission = Faster Commission

tablet_smallTired of filling forms out by hand? Have aspirations of smashing your sales goals? With the help of e-App, you can blast through those sales without the use of a single piece of paper! The e-App makes it quick and easy to complete an application. This saves you time, and time is money!  Don’t believe us? Just ask President’s Club member William Casey.

William Casey, an agent with National Life, was able to achieve his sales goals.

He had made a sale in late 2014 that would qualify him for an incentive trip, but realized he needed four more sales to be in-force before December 31st. Using paper applications in the last two weeks of the year would take too long and not allow him to qualify for the trip.

William knew that completing the remaining sales using e-App would be a breeze.  With a few quick keystrokes and mouse clicks later, the e-App was already being processed. e-App brings the life insurance business into the modern age, saves you from filling out piles of paperwork, and shaves off processing time by utilizing straight through processing.

Since there is no need to print out any forms, e-App also saves a lot of paper and makes your world greener. With e-App, you can earn more green faster by being green!

William found success. He states, “The e-app is extremely well-designed, and I found that I needed no training whatsoever to complete it….it sped up the issuance dates by weeks, thus getting paid weeks earlier, and making my clients very happy at the same time.  I will be using it extensively this [coming] year.”