To Term or To Perm. That is the question.

Most clients understand that the primary purpose of life insurance is the death benefit – to provide lump-sum financial protection to their loved ones or business due to an untimely death.

For many clients that’s where their understanding stalls or, in many cases, stops.


What does this mean for you?  Education.

It’s a daunting task.  So let us help you.


These short videos go a long way to help your clients understand the difference.




These Consumer Prospecting Emails will help you get the message out.

Term or Perm? [Video]

The Future Doesn’t Come with Guarantees…Whole Life Does [Video]


And this Flyer helps further clarify the different types of life insurance.

What Type of Life Insurance Policy is Best? Consumer Flyer


Get the Most Out of Life Insurance Awareness Month

Schedule our new campaign in Hearsay!  We’ve curated a series of videos, infographics and educational messages for you to share with your network all month long.


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