Disconnected iGO E-App, Now Supported by Windows 10

2016 continues to be a year built around our conversations with you.  We have heard that you love iGO e-App and want to use it as frequently as possible. We have heard you love that iGO e-App disconnected allows you to take annuity applications in 403(b)/457(b) environments where internet connectivity is frequently unavailable.  And, we heard you again; when you told us you wished iGO e-App was compatible with Windows 10.We are delighted to announce that effective August 1, iGO e-App disconnected will be compatible with Windows 10! If you have a computer that uses Windows 10, please visit the iGo e-App link on the agent portal of the National Life Group website.  From here, you will be able to download the disconnected iGO e-App for Windows 10 software package.

If you are already using Disconnected iGO e-App on a computer that does not use Windows 10, no action is required.

Please note that iPipeline and iGo e-App does not support Edge.