Career General Agents Meet in Addison

For Career Distribution’s annual Fall Leadership Meeting, 17 General Agents wanted to meet more folks on National Life’s Addison campus so Pam Blalock, SVP Career Distribution, decided to have the meeting in Texas for more exposure to the team down there.

Meet the Team

Back left to right:  Manon Eiker (Career), David Bostick (TX), John Scarcella (Baltimore), John Blumberg (White Plains), Jim Ortenzio (NY/NJ), Victor Muro (NY/NJ), Jim Clary (Philadelphia), Frank Lucia (Career), Danny Buzzi (Finance),

Front left to right: Pam Blalock (SVP Career), Bob Waltos (Southern California), David Mansfield (Upper Midwest), Dave Jacowitz (Philadelphia), Colleen Schueneman (Detroit), Jim Oppenlander (Midwest), Ryan Moratti (Chicago), Jay Goodman (Long Island), John Gibson (Carolinas), Matt Dunne (Career).



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