Be the Boss with Business Owner Sales Strategies

If you are working in the business owner market place, or plan to in the future, we want to make sure you have the tools and resources necessary to help you be successful.

Business owners are looking for opportunities to use business dollars to provide benefits for themselves and often their key employees. Are you comfortable with the many planning strategies available?

If not–no worries–we can help!

The Advanced Market Team has recently developed point-of-sale flyers to help you easily explain the following strategies:

  • Executive Bonus Plan – a taxed advantage strategy to reward both business owners and key employees Flyer


Thumbnail_Pages from 69735 Exec Bonus Flyer

  • Qualified Plans – both Defined Contribution and Defined Benefit Plans


  • Split Dollar Loans – a protection and retirement planning strategy that is paid for with funds that may be taxed in a lower tax bracket


Life insurance is a key component of each of these strategies.

Which program or programs is right for your business owner client will depend on what they want, and what they already have. Our Executive Benefit Plan Options flyer is an overview of the different concepts.


Be sure to tune into our upcoming webinar: Fully Insured Qualified Plans on September 16.

If you still have questions–we have answers. Give us a call! 800-906-3310 Option 1.