Announcing SecurePlus® Optimizer

We are excited to announce a new offering to our indexed annuity line-up: SecurePlus® Optimizer. This new flexible premium fixed indexed annuity will be available on July 29, 2016.

SecurePlus® Optimizer offers competitive rates that could enhance the potential for the accumulated balance to grow significantly over time, which would help clients to achieve their financial goals for retirement.

This product is ideal for pre-retirees looking to make flexible, periodic contributions to their annuity. It is also great for clients who anticipate one or more large lump sum contributions from sources like a state or teacher’s pension.

For additional information on SecurePlus® Optimizer, view the brochure which is now available on Merrill.

Prior to selling this product, product specific training is required and is available through the RegEd website.

SecurePlus Optimizer is underwritten by Life Insurance Company of the Southwest, and is policy form number 20082 (0112) or state variation thereof.