After-Issue Face Amount Increase

If you are requesting an after-issue face amount increase, here are a few things you need to remember.

An increase in the face amount of a policy takes effect on the next monthly policy date following underwriting approval. Agent compensation for the new target premium on LSW policies is triggered by the first premium payment received on or after the effective date of the face increase.

Keep in mind that a premium payment is applied to policies as soon as the payment is received, any payment received prior to the effective date of the increase will not generate commissions under the new target premium.

Standard requirements to request an increase in face amount (make note of state specials):

  • Policy Change Application form 1441(0713)
  •      –     Part A (1-5)
  •      –     Part B (1, 6b)
  •      –     Part G
  • Policy Change Supplement form 20114(0712)
  • Agent’s Report form 1441(0814)G (Parts A, B, and E)
  • HIPAA authorization form 8164(1015)
  • Underwriting requirements based on attained age, product, and amount of increase
  • HIV consent form 1443(0210)N, if underwriting requirements include blood and urine

Completed requirements should be directed to